Englisch in Bremen

At Hochschule Bremen / Uni Bremen / HS Bremerhaven

  • Extra courses - Cambridge IELTS / TOEFL etc
  • Visiting student native speakers. (Please make them welcome - you will rely on them to do the same when you are abroad!)
  • Teaching staff (yes, you can talk to us outside the lessons too!)

Extra courses - outside the Hochschule

  • Cambridge 1st Certificate, Cambridge Advanced, Conversation courses. (VHS / Arbeitnehmerkammer etc)
  • FZHB / Goethe Institut Tandem programme
    get together with a native speaker to practise your English and their German. Free.


  • International film club, sponsored by Languages Centre of the Universities in Bremen (FZHB).
  • Cinemaxx have one original version film on Wednesdays - often English.
  • City 46 in the city centre regularly has English films.
  • Atlantis, Gondel and Schauburg often have films in original version.

As you can see, Bremen offers quite a few enjoyable opportunities to supplement your English course!

Extracurricular activities

  • newleaf: Help the newleaf crew produce an English-speaking literary magazine with poetry and prose from the University of Bremen and beyond, or just visit their semi-annual launch parties and additional readings.
  • The Parlement of Foules and Eßt – the English-Speaking Students’ Theatre – rehearse English-speaking theatre plays performed once a semester in the Schnürschuh Theater.

English Club Bremen

The English Club Bremen e. V. Social club with everything in English. Small charge for membership or entry.

Irish Pubs

Lots of English spoken here:

  • Hegarty's in the Viertel.
  • Irish Pub in the Schnoor
  • Murphy's (Buntentorsteinweg)