General requirements to take an exam/test at the SZHB

• As a general rule: You may take the exam if you are registered for the course (special provisions apply to UNIcert®  exams, see below).

• The following rules apply at the universities of applied sciences: If you are registered in the system (registered for the module), you may take the exam (please note the examination regulations of your faculty).

• Identity checks are usually required for online exams which are held via video. You should have official photo ID at the ready.

Technical requirements to take an exam/test at the SZHB

- Test your equipment in plenty of time for the exam: PC, Internet connection, camera, headset and microphone (Note: tablets are not suitable for exams/tests)

- Webcam/smartphone camera, etc., that can be used online

- if the language you are learning does not use the Latin alphabet, set up the correct keyboard (change the keyboard in Windows; use adhesive stickers on the keys, …)

- Good Internet connection, look for alternatives where necessary, WLAN repeater/amplifier).

Examination regulations– General comments on synchronous exams

As a general rule: Be friendly and respectful to the other members of the course and the teaching staff.

1 Make sure you are present in the online meeting in good time.

2 Your camera must be switched on at all times.

3 Examinations may not be recorded.


Special provisions for UNIcert® for students and instructors

Rules for our UNIcert® courses:

To be eligible for a UNIcert® certificate, you must have successfully completed the highest course for that particular level.

• You must have successfully completed all the individual parts of the end of course exam (be it a portfolio, final test or a combination of both);

• You must have submitted documentary proof of your independent study

• and have completed 80% of the tasks or one longer task per meeting (an exercise relating to one of the four skills or the use of the language, in Moodle or StudIP) (the workload depends on the learning outcomes defined in the module description).

for UNIcert® courses: the attendance requirement is replaced by the quantification of the tasks completed.

People to contact

Englisch: English advisory team

All other languages: Dr. Astrid Buschmann-Göbels

Moodle access: Anika Müller-Karabil

Guidelines for online courses in the SZHB as downloadable PDF