Netiquette for online courses in the SZHB

General rules: Be friendly and show respect to the teaching staff and the other members of the course. Lots of things are new, some things might not run smoothly straight away, and new developments/changes are likely to be introduced as the semester progresses. Please be tolerant with others.

General rules for synchronous courses

• Please be punctual and enter the meeting a few minutes before it actually begins, so you can check your audio and video connections. The instructor will set up the room in the learning portal so that you can enter it a little before the meeting commences.

• Please switch your camera on. We see this as an integral part of polite communication.

• Switch your microphone on only when you want to say something. Further rules on using microphones during the meeting will be agreed in the course.  Ensure there is no background noise as long as your microphone is switched on.

• When you wish to say something, please use the features offered by your platform (e.g. raise your hand, etc.).

• Use the Chat Function (Group Chat or Private Chat), for example, to send a quick message to everyone else in the meeting or to the instructor/ individual members.

• If you experience transmission problems, it may help to conserve bandwidth if you switch off your camera, switch off the VPN connection, close any programmes connected to other servers, use cable-based Internet connections.

• An online language course is still a language course and not an audio podcast. Please focus on the lesson and make an active contribution, just as you would in a normal classroom situation. Please behave towards the others as you expect them to behave towards you.

Your performance will be measured as usual by means of your active participation and contributions during the course. To safeguard the quality of language courses which involve spoken communication, the following, supplementary rules apply:

1. Audio and video recordings of the lessons are permitted only when the instructor and the members of the course expressly agree.

2. Cameras should always be switched on. Your camera should be switched on when you wish to say something and when your contribution forms part of the exam (e.g. presentations). In exceptional circumstances, it may be advisable to switch the camera off to conserve bandwidth. The course instructor will decide on the binding rules which shall apply.

3. If you do not wish the other members of the course to see your surroundings when your camera is switched on, you can use the virtual background feature in ZOOM, for example. Other platforms also offer the option of blurring the background.

4. To make it easier for the instructor to manage the course, please enter your first name and the first 2 letters of your surname into the input field when you enter the video conference. Alternatively, you can provide your full real name.

People to contact

English: English advisory team

All other languages: Dr. Astrid Buschmann-Göbels

Moodle access: Anika Müller-Karabil

Guidelines for online courses in the SZHB - downloadable PDF