Independent study resources

Here is an overview of the independent study resources which are available at the SZHB.

English - Macmillan English Campus

The Macmillan English Campus web portal has over 4,000 texts and exercises for you to practice different skills (especially reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary) at levels A1 - C1.

The SuUB has teamed up with Macmillan to offer free access to the portal for 4 weeks - click here to register

Collection of links in Moodle for independent study

The MOODLE platform operated by the SZHB now has a collection of links for more than 15 languages which you can use to help you with your independent study.

It includes recommendations for good websites and apps which can help you improve your reading, listening, writing or vocabulary, for example.

You can access the platform by registering as a guest.

If you would prefer to have your own log-in, please send an email to Anikó Brandt with the following information

  • Surname and first name
  • University and student ID number
  • E-Mail address