Centre for independent language learning (ILC)

Centres for independent language learning

Welcome to the webpages of the centres for independent language learning!

We offer a wide variety of different options to provide you with effective support as you learn one or more foreign languages  - regardless of whether you are learning on your own, taking part in a language course or participating in our tutoring programme.

We have a centre for independent language learning at the University of Bremen, the Hochschule Bremen and the Hochschule Bremerhaven

All centres offer:

  • Reference library with study materials for a variety of languages
  • Placement tests for English and 14 other languages
  • Free access to the online language learning portals Macmillan English Campus and Rosetta Stone
  • Workshops on various topics e.g. preparation for end of course exams and tests, learning strategies, preparation for a stay abroad
  • Organisation of a language tandem
  • Information about all the options offered by the foreign language centre


If you would like to use the ILC for one semester there is a small charge:

  • €15 for students
  • €20 for school pupils and school leavers
  • €30 for staff
  • €81 for guest students (incl. guest student fee)

The following may use the ILC for free:

  • those taking a language course offered by the FZHB
  • those taking part in the tutoring programme
  • students in Faculty 10 ( FB 10) at Bremen University

Contact information

If you have any questions about the independent language learning centre, please contact Anikó Brandt.

How to register

Under 'Courses and More' you will find information about how to  register to use the independent language learning centre.