Parallel session 7B

Production: Writing - Tasks and Assessment

One of the exciting features of the CEFR Companion Volume is the addition of descriptor scales for online interaction and mediation. The purpose of the workshop is to examine the new scales from the perspective of teaching academic writing in UNIcert© contexts at B2/C1 levels. More specifically, participants will be introduced to, and asked to try out, a selection of tools available to foster online interaction and digital academic writing and consider how they can be used in their own classrooms. In addition, they will get the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities showing how the concept of mediation of texts can be integrated in teaching academic writing. Lastly, the workshop will also address the issue of incorporating online interaction and mediation of texts in the assessment process, including the development of assessment scales for academic writing.


  • Aleksandra Sudhershan (Berlin)
  • Susanna Thomas (Göttingen)


SFG 2020