Arbeitsgruppe 7A

Production: Speaking - Tasks and Assessment

One of the challenges in assessing speaking is minimising subjectivity on the one hand and providing a basis for comparability on the other. In this workshop teachers will be provided with input on using the CEFR and the Companion Volume for the development of the assessment scales for speaking tests, and the design of classroom speaking tasks for English courses (particularly, EGAP and ESAP) at B2/C1 levels. Participants will get plenty of opportunities to discuss their teaching approaches and the different types of examinations they use to assess speaking at higher levels of English. Ultimately, the workshop aims to look at a variety of ways of using the CEFR Companion Volume for teaching and assessing speaking in UNIcert contexts.

Der Referenztext 'Companion Volume' liegt derzeit nur in Englisch vor.  Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache und eine entsprechende Lesekompetenz der Teilnehmenden ist wünschenswert.


  • Mahaesvary Kayser (Bremen)
  • Anna Makarova Ph.D. in Ed. (Bremen)


SFG 2030