There are several parallel sessions, each dealing with different aspects of implementing the Companion Volume.

It is intended that participants will remain in the same session for the whole workshop rather than swapping between sessions, and we therefore request you to register for just ONE parallel session..

The maximum number of participants per session is 20. When you register, please state which alternative session you would like to attend if your first choice is no longer available.

Parallel sessions

Please note that the working language of the sessions will be German unless explicitly stated otherwise.

For more details about a particular parallel session, please click the corresponding link.

Parallel sessions

  • Parallel session 1: Soziales Handeln auf A-Niveau (Antonella Lavagno / Laura Tiego)
  • Parallel session 2: Mediation auf der Stufe UNIcert I (Astrid Reich / Nicola Heimann-Bernoussi / Marianne Viader)
  • Parallel session 3: Mediation für die Wissenschafts- und Fachsprache – Niveau B2 / C1 (Ursula Hassel / Barbara Amling)
  • Parallel session 4: Interkulturelle und plurikulturelle Kompetenzen im akademischen Kontext (Catherine Jaeger / Astrid Buschmann-Göbels)- session is cancelled
  • Parallel session 5: Mediation – was ist das? Was ist es nicht? Interpretationen des Mediationsbegriffes (Lilia Weber / Sylvie Richard / Grazia Caiati)
  • Parallel session 6: Interaktion - Mögliche Szenarien für die Umsetzung im Unterricht und Assessment (Judith Labs / Antonio Gallucci)
  • Parallel Session 7AProduction: Speaking - Tasks and Assessment (Mahaesvary Kayser/Anna Makarova) This session will be held in English
  • Parallel session 7B: Production: Writing - Tasks and Assessment (Susanna Thomas / Aleksandra.Sudhershan) This session will be held in English
  • Parallel session 8: Herkunftssprachen fördern mit UNIcert-Programmen (Violetta Kozik-Rafii / Katerina Ivanova /Tatjana Samostyan / Barbara Stolarczyk) - session is cancelled
  • Parallel session 9: UNIcert® für Interessierte und Einsteigende (Françoise Vergès)


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