Which courses are offered?

The Goethe-Institut Bremen offers courses during the semester in cooperation with the foreign language center of the universities in the state of Bremen (Fremdsprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen) at all language levels from A1.1. to C1. Tuition takes place once or twice a week.

Additionally, there are intensive courses specifically designed for new foreign exchange students starting shortly before the semester.

Where do I get information on the current course programme?

The course programme can be found on the webpage of the foreign language center Bremen. Go to "German" and "Current Courses". There you can search for courses ordered by semester and language level.

Who can take part in the courses?

Fully enrolled students and research assistants at the universities in the state of Bremen (Universität/Hochschule Bremen and Bremerhaven, Hochschule für Künste) can take part in the courses.

Students enrolled at Jacobs University and prospective future students who are not yet enrolled at a university in Bremen cannot take part in the courses.

Are there any courses during the semester break?

We offer intensive courses specifically designed for exchange students in March/April and in September/October.

If you are no exchange student but still interested in such a course, we can put you on the waiting list. Please get in touch with hochschulkooperation-bremen(at)goethe.de. We will let you know once a spot becomes available.

Do I have to take a placement test?

Taking the placement test is obligatory. There are usually two dates to take the placement test. The exact dates will be published on the website of the foreign language center.

If you already have a German certificate (i. e. Goethe certificate) you can send a copy of it via e-mail to hochschulkooperation-bremen(at)goethe.de. In this case, you do not have to take the placement test.

If you would like to take part in a follow-up course you can register for it right away.

Please note that a spot on the course cannot be guaranteed.

How can I register for the courses? Is there any deadline?

You can only register for the courses via the website of the foreign language center. The registration process generally starts five weeks ahead of the course start.

Please note that you will initially be on the waiting list. If a course spot is available we will register you for the respective course. It may take a few days to process your registration due to the great amount of registrations at the semester start.

I cannot register for the desired course. What can I do?

You need a valid matriculation number in order to register for a course. If you have not received your matriculation number yet please get in touch with the self-access center of the foreign language center (Selbstlernzentrum; building GW2, room A3070)

Courses for research assistants: please register as "MitarbeiterIn" without entering any number. You will get a customer ID that can be used instead.

Can I register for more than one course at a time?

Registering for more than one course at a time is possible from language level B2 on as far as skill-related courses are concerned. A course spot cannot be guaranteed.

Can I change my course?

Changing a course is possible only during the first two weeks after the course start. Please contact hochschulkooperation-bremen(at)goethe.de.

I won't be in Bremen when the semester starts. Is it possible to enter the course after the regular course start?

In some cases, you can enter the course by no later than two weeks after its initial start. Please contact hochschulkooperation-bremen(at)goethe.

I am on the waiting list. How do I know that I got a spot on the course?

If you have submitted a language certificate and a course spot is available, we will register you for the course.

How can I make the payment?

After having registered successfully, you will automatically receive a confirmation by e-mail including the payment details. Please make the payment of the course fee via bank transfer within the payment deadline.

I encountered problems making the payment

If you have any questions regarding the payment and/or course fee please get in touch with Mr. Hachmann.

Where do I receive my language certificate?

Language certificates and certificates of participation regarding the courses during the semester are distributed in class during the final lesson.

Otherwise, you can pick up the certificate at the Independent Learning Centre for Languages at the University of Bremen.

I lost my language certificate. Can I get a new one?

Please send an e-mail to hochschulkooperation-bremen(at)goethe.de including all of the important information regarding the course such as semester, course number, language level etc.

Please note that we cannot reproduce a certificate, if you took the course more than ten years ago.

How can I get more detailed advice regarding the German courses?

You are welcome to arrange a private appointment. If you would like to arrange an appointment please contact hochschulkooperation-bremen(at)goethe.de including your concern and a proposed date.

I am interested in taking an official German exam. How can I register for an exam?

The Goethe-Institut Bremen regularly offers exams in German at all language levels throughout the year. Please contact bremen(at)goethe.de for further information.