Continuous cumulative assessment as an alternative to one-off final exams

Although final achievement tests, by way of tradition, are still a preferred way of assessment in tertiary education, recent studies on testing and assessment have attested to the fact that in the context of foreign language teaching other types of assessment, in particular continuous assessment, prove to be considerably more effective. This talk will outline the principles of continuous cumulative assessment, as part of the broader area of continuous assessment, and examine its effect on student involvement and the quality of the learning process. It will be argued that continuous cumulative assessment, by combining the qualities of both formative and summative assessment types, is an effective tool that allows for greater validity and reliability of testing. Moreover, continuous cumulative assessment contributes to enhancement of student engagement and motivation, caters for different learning styles, and, due to recurrent exposure of students to information at intervals, notably increases long-term retention of information. Finally, the audience will be introduced to the data testifying to apparent correlation between continuous assessment marks and exam performance, which calls into question the necessity of conducting final exams.

Referent/in - Presenter/s

  • Ekaterina Popkova (MGIMO University Moskau, Russland)

Zeit / Time

  • Samstag / Saturday, 2.3.2019
  • 12:15 - 12:50 Uhr

Raum / Room

GW2 B3.010

Sprache / Language

Englisch / English