Don't forget us, we're also important! The Provision of Specific English Classes for University Support Staff

Teaching at a university is about providing the best educational experience for students …but is this all?

Shouldn’t we also be looking at those employed at the university who help create the structures and learning environment, and provide the necessary support for learning to be successful? This in turn leads us to the question of how to motivate and encourage staff to take advantage of further language training?

As part of an increasing trend to internationalise German universities, support staff are increasingly required to use English as their modus operandi. The question is how to best provide training for this target group especially as they represent very disparate functions and have very specific demands and specialisations.

So how should this be done? Are there examples of good practice within German universities? Such questions will form the focus of this presentation. As well as offering one perspective of the provision of specific English classes, participants will be given an opportunity to contribute their own examples of good practice and suggestions based on their own experience.

Referent/in - Presenter/s

  • Richard Dawton (Universität Oldenburg)
  • Geraldine Barry (Universität Oldenburg)

Zeit / Time

  • Freitag / Friday, 1.3.2019
  • 15:15 - 15:50 Uhr

Raum / Room

GW2 B3.850

Sprache / Language

Englisch / English