Tensions in teaching and testing - reconciling the need to teach and to test

Teachers play an important role in helping students pass exams, but are there situations where teaching has just become another description for test preparation? This talk will look at the tensions teachers face when helping students prepare for exams and focus on developing a progressive assessment literacy to help teachers ensure that learning remains the primary objective of classroom practice. The session explores the notion that contemporary approaches to assessment can, when incorporated into teaching practices, enhance learning outcomes and provide a central role in everyday teaching practice. Participants will leave with an understanding of how a basic assessment literacy can equip teachers and educational managers with the tools to assess assessments, being able to evaluate the potential value of an assessment system and the potential dangers of teaching to the test, and not teaching to facilitate learning.

Alex Thorp is one of the academic leads at Trinity College London and previously had over 15 years’ experience heading a teacher training department. With special interests in Assessment, Neuro-linguistics and Evidence-based Teaching, he presents the world over with the aim of supporting best practices in language teaching.

Zeit / Time

Freitag / Friday 24.2.2017; 13:20 - 14:20

Raum / Room

GW2 B3.850


Alex Thorp

Sprache / Language

Englisch / English