How can we engage our learners in speaking activities?

Aims & how attendees can benefit from my workshop
My workshop addresses the strand "Language Teaching and Learning" as I am going to look
at teaching methodology and effective learning at the same time.
My aim is to show that effective language teaching should be learner-centred rather than
teacher-centred and promotes our learners' motivation to learn the language.
It certainly cannot be taken for granted that learning "happens" but well-chosen activities
can promote effective language learning.
The participants will be provided with practical ideas on how to engage learners in speaking
activities without persuading them to take part. The activities can be used in General English
and Business English classes and focus on meaningful communication. As the main aim is to
motivate learners to speak, the activities can be used in various different educational

Target audience
Both inexperienced and experienced teachers who teach speaking skills will benefit from
attending my session.
In my session, I will refer to adult classes but the activities can also be used with pupils
attending Secondary School. This session is ideal for A2-B2 classes. My own examples are made for B1 students.

Abstract of my workshop
We as language teachers have all been there - silence in the classroom after having given an
instruction for a task. Speaking in front of others can be embarrassing for our learners and
this is could be one of the reasons why they remain quiet. It may be difficult to find out why
some learners do not feel prepared to speak in class, but we can find ways to support them.
So, how can we engage students in speaking activities without just telling them to take part?
In this workshop we will look at some activities that can help students to feel at ease when
producing language in class. I will also provide you with some practical tips on how to guide
students during a conversation as to increase students' self-confidence and preparedness to
experiment with language. Towards the end of our workshop, there will be an opportunity
to share your own experience with other teachers. Let us turn a quiet class into an active

My bio data

Melanie Straub was born in Fürth (Germany) and studied to become a Secondary School
teacher for the subjects German and English. After having worked as a teacher at a public
school, she did an additional training to become a language trainer for adults. She is
currently doing a postgraduate programme leading to an MA in Professional Development in
Language Education and is going to do a PhD Programme afterwards.
Melanie has worked as a teacher of German as a foreign language and English at various
language schools in Germany and abroad. She is fully employed with a language institution
based in Bavaria and mainly works in the field of language training, teacher training and
materials development.
Over the past 15 years she has taught young learners and adults with different educational
and cultural backgrounds and at all levels. It is her passion to provide teachers with practical
teaching ideas and to show suitable ways for continuous professional development.

Zeit / Time

Freitag / Friday 01.03.2019; 13:15 - 14:15

Raum / Room

GW2 B2.860


Melanie Straub

Sprache / Language

Englisch / English