In 2014, the University of Groningen entrusted the Language Centre with a special order: develop an instrument that could potentially help future incoming students and staff with their choice for the Netherlands and in particular Groningen, for study or career purposes.
The idea that the Dutch language is hard to learn is quite persisting, and that idea was to be modified. The logic behind this is that the learnability of Dutch could be the final push in favor of Groningen. How to show this learnability?
The Language Centre developed a so-called MOOC, a massive open online course. Online, but with the positive aspects from a regular, live, group course: the common starting moment, the group feeling, feedback possibilities, and mutual discussions between students and between students and the educators. We designed a three week course with an emphasize on the orientation phase. The course has a study load of an expected three hours per week, helping learners to be able to communicate a bit in Dutch up to a lower A1 (CEFR), get an idea of the concepts of our language and become enthusiastic and optimistic about it.
So far, the course run 6 times and attracted more than 120,000 learners worldwide. The course is among the Top 50 of MOOCs of All Time (by Class Central). In our paper, we will show which themes and competences we choose (and which we left out) by focusing on the specific type of learner we had in mind.

Referent/in - Presenter/s

  • Birgit Lijmbach (University of Groningen Language Centre, Netherlands)
  • Jeroen van Engen (University of Groningen Language Centre, Netherlands)

Zeit / Time

  • Samstag / Saturday, 25. Februar 2017
  • 11:15 - 11:50 Uhr

Raum / Room

GW2 B3.850

Sprache / Language

Englisch / English