Jenny's Korean introduction on YouTube

Study portals

Learn Korean with music, recipes and lifestyle tips

- exercises, videos and audio material at Talk to me in Korean

- How to study Korean: teach yourself Korean with the help of over 130 lessons, for beginners through to advanced level

- Korean Class 101 offers not only audio and video material and exercises but also the opportunity to exchange ideas with other users in the community forum and to listen to well-known hosts


- Snu Lei - Hangeul, the app from Seoul National University for Android and iOs, designed especially for Korean beginners

- TenguGo Hangul - a paid app with exercises for reading and writing the Korean alphabet, for iOs as well

-  PopPopping Korean for Android and iOs is a fun way to learn how to pronounce Korean correctly

- Learn Korean - Grammar for Android with over 4,000 phrases on topics such as love and romance, restaurants and the weather