My research interests cover the following areas:

Language teaching learnign and assessment in multilingual contexts and in the context of migration

Language testing, assessment and curriculum, particularly
Constructing valid language assessment materials reflecting curricular teaching and learning goals
Assessing productive skills, rating scale construction in line with educational frameworks
Difficulty-determining characteristics of language tests
Predictive validity of university entrance tests
Predictive power of vocabulary measures and C-tests on communicative skills
Dynamic Assessment

Analysis and Implementation of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for teaching, learning and assessing foreign languages across different educational contexts

L2 teacher education and professional development, particularly
Developing assessment literacy
Competence-oriented teaching approaches

Conceptualisation, development and assessment of intercultural competencies

Research methods in L2 education, particularly
Quantitative approaches, empirical studies using questionnaires and tests
Qualitative approaches, using surveys and interviews


Here is an overview of my research projects:


Funding body

Project / Title

Investigators / Award holders

Amount awarded


British Council Scotland

Travel Grant: Funded research visit to Dr Matt Poehner, Pennsylvania State University, College of Education, USA

Claudia Harsch



ETS TOEFL Committee of Examiners

“Investigating the Predictive Validity of TOEFL iBT® Scores and Enhancing International Students’ Experience”

PI: Claudia Harsch

Co-Is at Warwick: 
E. Ushioda, C. Ladroue



European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme

“video for ALL. Digital video as tool for language learning”

PI: Paolo Cremolo, Mosaic Art And Sound Ltd, in cooperation with seven European partners

Co-Is at Warwick: Steve Mann, Claudia Harsch



Applied 2013

Leverhulme Fellowship

“Intercultural Competencies for the Global Workplace – conceptualisation and assessment”

Claudia Harsch

Applied for £17,536
not awarded



“Conceptualising Intercultural Competences and Assessing Graduates' Preparedness for the Global Workplace”

Claudia Harsch

Partly in cooperation with Matt Poehner, Penn State Uni, USA

Internally funded


ESRC, Warwick Collaborative Postgraduate Research Studentship, in collaboration with Pearson Language Testing

Funding of a PhD studentship

“Investigating the predictive Validity of the Pearson PTE Academic”

Claudia Harsch (supervisor)

Total £9,000
£3,000 / annum


German Research Association (DFG, reg. no-. HA 5050/2-3)

“Modelling Competencies with Multi-Dimensional Item-Response-Theory Models (IRT): Exploring difficulty-determining characteristic of language tests”. Project within the research priority programme "Competence Models for Assessing Individual Learning Outcomes and Evaluating Educational Processes" (SPP 1293).

PI: Prof Johannes Hartig, DIPF, Frankfurt/Main Germany

Co-I: Claudia Harsch

Phase 2

Phase 1

Applied 2012


Examining the appropriateness of IELTS-score levels in a specific Higher Education context with a view to international students’ linguistic needs.”

PI: Claudia Harsch

Co-I: Ema Ushioda

Applied for £44,952
not awarded

Applied 2011

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

“Intercultural Skills for the Global Economy: Developing a Web-enabled Tool to enhance Collaboration across Boundaries”.

PI Prof Helen Spencer-Oatey

Co-I Claudia Harsch

not awarded

Applied 2010

PEARSON Research Foundation

“Enhancing Assessment Literacy within the Language Teaching Profession”.

PI Claudia Harsch

not awarded