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5th Bremen Symposion on language learning and teaching

Content & Diversity: New Challenges for Language Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Friday, 20 February  2015 – Saturday, 21 February 2015
at the University of Bremen

International cooperation, global interdependence, as well as an increase in migration within Europe and around the world have made the higher educational landscape more colorful – both linguistically and culturally. This has brought changes to language learning needs. On the one hand, heterogeneous and multilingual groups of learners should be ‘attended to’ in a way that all the learners can further their own learning processes, taking intercultural aspects, subject specialization and plurilingualism (both existing and aspired) into consideration. On the other hand, the call for more standardization and certification is on the rise. This field of unresolved tension raises new questions:

  • How can the subject and language content of language courses in higher education be suitably integrated?
  • What role does intercultural learning play in competence-oriented courses, and how can it be facilitated?
  • How can the linguistic and cultural diversity of groups of learners be taken into consideration in terms of curriculum and methodology?
  • How can individual learning processes be fostered, and what role do alternative and innovative forms of learning and teaching such as online-learning, tutoring and coaching play?

To answer these questions, the symposium would like to provide a forum for the presentation of concepts and the exchange of ideas and practical examples.

Hosting Institutions

Fremdsprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen (FZHB) in cooperation with the Arbeitskreis der Sprachenzentren, Sprachlehrinstitute und Fremdspracheninstitute (AKS).


from 1 September 2014


Dr. Bärbel Kühn
Fremdsprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen
Universität Bremen
Bibliothekstraße 1
28359 Bremen

Key notes

Prof. Dr. David Little

Constructive alignment and language learner autonomy: two ways in which university language programmes can respond to the challenge of heterogeneous student populations

Prof. Dr. Adelheid Hu

Language practices and intercultural encounters in a multilingual and international university: The example of Luxembourg

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