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Language learning in international classrooms with MyEnglishLabs


In today's increasingly international classrooms, teachers and learners alike are faced with the challenge of accommodating multilingual and heterogeneous groups of learners in ways which will enable the students to reach a common goal. With learners of such different backgrounds, both linguistically and in terms of 'learning culture', class materials are required that are flexible and at the same time standardized - in the sense that they will lead to achieving specific targets set for the entire class. Pearson's MyEnglishLabs are a powerful blended learning tool that allows your students to study and practise autonomously and at their own pace while at the same time being connected to their teachers, who can offer group or individual guidance at no more than the click of a button. Some of our MyEnglishLabs complement our coursebooks, others are standalone solutions and usable in conjunction with any other materials. Come and see how the MyEnglishLabs can further your students' learning process and what they can do for you!