Research project

Project description

With the long term aim of being able to better understand the needs of English speaking (and writing) scholars at the University of Bremen, I have undertaken a doctorate research project that is focused on the following questions:

  • How do researchers who use English as an academic lingua franca experience the process of writing for publication in English?
  • How is their writing affected by their academic setting?
  • What challenges do they face during the writing and publication process?
  • How are these challenges dealt with, and are they overcome?

The first phase of this research project entails a University-wide survey on academic writing practices. The purpose of the survey is to establish a spectrum of experience that scholars at the University of Bremen have when publishing in English. Furthermore, it will provide insights on the contexts of academic writing in Bremen, which will be pertinent in the second phase of the research project that will involve case studies.

Calling all writers for a research survey!

Are you a doctorate student, a post-doc, a researcher or a professor at the University of Bremen? Is English your second or additional language?

If so, your participation in this research survey would be extremely helpful to my efforts to better understand the challenges academics face when writing in a second language.

Interested? 20-30 minutes is all the time you’ll need answer the survey questions.

To take part, please get in touch with me.


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