Using Wireless LAN

WLAN Access at the Universität Bremen

You will have free access to the university's WLAN during the conference.

If you don't have access to eduroam (information on the right), be sure to indicate that you would like WLAN access when you fill out your conference registration form. Please note that this WLAN connection is not encrypted, and can therefore be easily intercepted. 

For terms and conditions, please see the Regulations for Use of the Information Processing Systems of the University of Bremen.

WLAN Access through Eduroam

In case you have access to eduroam (educational roaming) already, you can use your eduroam account at the Universität Bremen. The SSID (WLAN name) is simply 'eduroam'.

Eduroam is supported by many universities and institutes of higher education.

Further information on eduroam can be obtained from your university's computer centre.