frequently asked questions

How and where do I register fort he International Summer Courses?

You can register online, following the link below:

As soon as you paid the course fee, please send us a proof of your payment. You can do this via email.

When do I know about my accommodation?

After receiving a proof of your payment, we start searching a room for you. The earlier you pay the earlier we can tell you where you will be living.

Where will I be living?

Our accommodations are various. There are rooms in student residences, in families, or private flats.

The location of the rooms differs, too. There are some closer to the university than others. However, the public transportation in Bremen is really convenient, so that you always will find a quick and easy way from your accommodation to the university.

You can tell us your preferred accommodation when registering online. Please understand that, depending on our capacities, we cannot guarantee that you will be living in your chosen room, though.

What shall I do after receiving my registration confirmation?

The registration confirmation contains information on your landlord. Please get in touch with your landlord in order to resolve questions regarding your arrival and stay in Bremen.

Is it possible to arrive earlier?

Yes, you can arrive earlier in Bremen. You should ask you landlord about moving into your accommodation earlier, though.  In case it is not possible that you move in earlier, you can also live in a hostel or youth hostel first. There is an address of a hostel in Bremen in your registration confirmation, too.

How do I get from the airport tot he university?

Tram No. 6 is the most convenient way to get from the Bremen Airport to the University Bremen. Details on when the tram is running, you can find here:

How do I get to my accommodation?

Please ask your landlord about that to get information about the easiest and most convenient way to get to your accommodation.

You can also check the site of the local transportation company BSAG to search for the fastest connection by entering the address of your accommodation:

What does my accommodation look like?

The rooms we offer are various. But all of our rooms are furnished and contain at least a bed, a trunk, a desk and chair. Furthermore, you will have access to a kitchen and a bathroom. We cannot guarantee that you will be the only one using the kitchen and the bathroom, so please, be prepared that other participants may share it with you.

Are there any meals included in the course fee?

No, there are no meals included in the course fee. There are various locations on campus where you can get lunch and snacks at a student fare, though. You can have a look at the canteen’s menu here:

I can’t contact my landlord. My landlord is not responding to my e-mails. What should I do?

In case the e-mail address on your registration confirmation is incorrect, please let us know.

If you already wrote to your landlord and did not get a response, please be patient. It might be that your landlord is busy and cannot read your email on the spot. In case your landlord did not respond after several weeks or it is only a short time before the course starts, please let us know.

I forgot some important information in my online registration. There are some mistakes in my online registration. What should I do?

If you accidently switched your name and surname, or missed some important information, please send us an email. Do NOT register again, since this will lead to double entries in our database.

When do I receive an invitation for my visa application?

As soon as we receive a proof of your payment, we can send you an invitation for your visa application together with your registration confirmation.

Is it possible to live in the same accommodation as my friend?

If you can already name the person you would like to live with in the same accommodation, please let us know via your online registration. We will try to find a suitable accommodation for you and your friend but please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will be living in the same accommodation.

How many hours of classes per week are included in the summer course?

There are altogether 25 hours of classes and activities per week.

How do I know that you received my payment?

When you receive your registration confirmation with the information about your landlord, you can be sure that we received your payment.

If you do not need help finding an accommodation, we will send you a confirmation that we received your payment.

I do not know any German at all. Can I still participate in the International Summer Course?

Yes, there is a course for absolute beginners as well.

Will there be a certificate?

Yes, there will be a certificate proving your participation in the International Summer Course. This certificate does not replace any official language certificate. However, you receive credit points which are accepted by many universities.

Is the International Summer Course a preparation course for Test-DAF or DSH?

No, the International Summer Course is not a preparation course particularly for Test-DAF or DSH.

Where are the classes for the International Summer Course?

The course will all be at the University of Bremen main campus. The exact rooms will be announced after your arrival in Bremen.

Is a monthly pass for public transportation included in the course fee?

No, the monthly pass for public transportation is not included in the course fee. However, you will receive a student card which you can use to get a discount on your monthly pass.