Learning outcomes/ skills

Target level: A1.1

  • Reading: simple sentence structure, understand messages and dialogues; recognise written information in everyday situations.
  • Listening: understand dialogues, questions, numbers and information with a simple structure when spoken slowly and clearly.
  • Speaking: ask and respond to simple questions, use phrases for greeting people and saying goodbye, express desires and needs.
  • Writing: simple information about yourself; formulate short sentences with a simple structure.
  • Cultural awareness: become familiar with typical features of Norwegian life and communication


  • Language course: nationalities and countries of origin
  • Cafeteria: food and drink 
  • Cultural awareness: everyday life, customs and habits
  • Shopping: names of goods and asking for things
  • Communication: letters, telephone, addresses, numbers
  • Social interactions: celebrations, birthdays, presents
  • Daily routine: tellng the time, times of day

Person to contact

If you have any questions about our Norwegian courses, please send an email to Dr. Astrid Buschmann-Göbels