Dr. Seyed Hassan Talebi (University of Mazandaran, Iran)

Concerns of ESP teachers for Iranian ESP students: process or product?

University undergraduate students in Iran have two English courses, namely EGP (English for general purposes) and ESP (English for specific purposes). Since EGP is offered before ESP, it is taken for granted that students know about L2 (English) structure and reading strategy awareness and use. This study attempts to show the relationship between the product of reading in EGP with the product and process of reading in ESP. Thirty nine Iranian tertiary level students received reading comprehension tests in EGP and based on the mean score they were classified into two groups of low and high. Analysis of data evinced the amount of ESP reading strategy use is the same in high or low level of EGP reading ability. Analysis of  data also indicate that the amount of ESP reading ability is more in the high group of EGP reading ability in contrast to low group of  EGP reading ability. It is concluded that ESP teachers should feel more concerned about the product of reading rather than the process of reading when they receive students who have already passed courses in EGP.