Lenka Zouhar Ludvikova (Language Centre of Masaryk University in Brno, Tschechische Republik)

Teacher´s insight into learner´s self-motivation

It has been proved that autonomous language learners are also motivated learners, nevertheless we still do not know much about how they motivate themselves.  Inspired by Self-Determination Theory, this presentation will show how crucial the competence, the relatedness and the autonomy are in motivation and how stimulating and / or limiting they might be for both the learners and the teachers.
My paper will present aspects of motivation that have been explored during counsellings and interviews with the students of the course English Autonomously that aims to develop learners´ autonomy in foreign language acquisition. The students often speak about general as well as specific goals that help them motivate themselves, they often refer to success and progress they have made, and they also reflect on their previous experience with language learning in and out of the school system, with and without their peers. My interest lies in how the teachers and the facilitators of language learning can assist the students in their motivation. Of course, there is the extrinsic motivation that we can provide with “the stick and the carrot”, yet I believe that there is more that can be done. Learning more about the motivation from students´ perspective and from their self-reflection will direct the teachers towards new ways of how to support the students.