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Before you register for a course, please take the English placement test. The result of this placement test should correspond to the entry level of the course you want to take.

If you have any questions about which course is right for you and/or the result of your placement test, please send an e-mail to or come to one of the English advisory sessions.

Online Placement Test English

-- take your placement test online --c-test

All of the Independent Language Learning Centres (Selbstlernzentren) are closed at the moment due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

You can now take the placement test that we require for registration in one of our courses online. Please keep in mind that you can only take this test once - a second or additional attempt will only be granted after 90 days. 

Before you take the official placement test, please read through all the instructions, watch the introductory video (only available in German), and also consider doing the trial version of the test if it's the first time you are taking such a test.

Please make a note of your placement test score, or even better - take a screen shot. 


People to contact

Language courses/certificates and tests:
English advisory team

Independent study/tutoring programme:
Astrid Buschmann-Göbels

Special courses:
Katrina Stollmann


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