Independent learning centre for languages (ILC)

What the independent learning centres for languages offer

  • Complete computer courses for beginners and advanced students for various languages
  • Electronic dictionaries
  • Electronic placement tests
  • Audio and video recordings on various topics and for different skills
  • Exam preparation material available on CDs and in book form
  • Dictionaries and text books for a range of languages
  • Links and tips for autonomous language learning


The fees to use an independent language learning centre for one semester are as follows:

  • €15 for students
  • €20 for school pupils/ school leavers
  • €30 for members of staff
  • €81 for guest students (incl. guest student fee)

The following may use the ILC free of charge:

  • Those taking a language course at the FZHB
  • Those taking part in the tutoring programme
  • Students in Faculty 10 ( FB 10) at Uni Bremen

Contact information

If you have any questions about the independent learning centre for languages, please contact Anika Müller-Karabil.

Language learning advisory service

We provide a free advisory service for autonomous language learning in the ILC

Register to use the independent language learning centre

This is where you can register online to use the ILC.

You must renew your registration to use the ILC at the beginning of every semester.

Please note:

  • If you have already booked a course with the FZHB, please use the same registration number / student ID number.
  • When you have made your booking please come to the help desk in the ILC with your student ID card - and a few minutes later you can begin to learn a language.

Data Privacy and Protection

By submitting my data, I agree that according to the Data Privacy and Protection Statement these data may be recorded, processed and used by the FZHB for the purpose of this course and may be forwarded to the relevant offices within the University (e.g. when money is to be repaid) where necessary. The FZHB may also contact me with information which is relevant to this course.