General questions

What is the FZHB?

The FZHB is a joint institution of the four public universities in Bremen: Bremen University, the Hochschule Bremen, the Hochschule für Künste and the Hochschule Bremerhaven.

It is responsible for providing interdisciplinary and curricular language courses at the University and the Hochschulen and also offers further courses and study options such as autonomous language learning in the independent language learning centres (ILCs), tandem learning, tutored independent study or individual coaching.

Whom can I contact for information at the FZHB?

Where are the FZHB offices and independent language learning centres located?

The offices of our administration and most of our staff are located at Bremen University in the GW2  Building - Tower A.

Each Hochschule has an FZHB independent language learning centre, the exact locations can be found here.

Who can take part in the courses?

Basically, anybody who is interested can take part in the courses offered by the FZHB.

Restrictions apply for curricular language courses, special courses for doctoral students, and courses offered for staff at the university and the Hochschulen, for example. These courses are marked accordingly.

The course directory also allows you to search for courses according to target group (institution-specific courses).

How can I learn a language in the FZHB?

The FZHB offers a variety of course types and study options, ranging from conventional language courses, blended learning and tutored independent study through to autonomous learning in the ILC.

Click here to obtain an overview.

Where can I obtain advice?

How can I find out what my current language level is?

Our website contains links to online placement tests for a number of languages, which you can use to obtain a rough idea of your current language level. Select your language here.

For English we recommend that you visit one of our independent language learning centres and do the English C-Test

You can also use the scales of reference levels of the Common European Framework of Reference to determine your level yourself.

You also have the option of obtaining advice from the contact persons for the particular language by making an individual appointment with them.

What can I do if I can't find a suitable course or if I would rather learn autonomously?

In addition to our language courses, we also offer further study options which you can use to learn almost any language.

How are the credit points calculated?

The general rule is: you earn one credit point for 30 hours of anticipated study.

Why do you get 3 credits for a course comprising 30 hours of face-to-face teaching (= 2 SWS = 2 x 45mins per week for 1 semester)?

In order to achieve the learning outcome for the course, you must complete 

  • 30 hours of face-to-face teaching (2 SWS) = 1 credit point 
  • 60 hours of individual study - e.g. in the FZHB's independent language learning centres, end-of-course test/ exam and the time to prepare for this = 2 credit points 

Further information on credit points

Information for prospective students

Please find out well before ( 2 - 3 months) the application deadline

  •  from the department where you would like to study and/ or the Student Advice Centre about the entry requirements in relation to languages
  • from the Student Advice Centre of the University of Bremen about the deadline for submitting the necessary documentation