Before you register for an Italian course, we advise you to discuss your current language level and your needs with Antonella Lavagno.

Online placement tests

If you just want to get a rough idea of your current level, you can use one of the quick placement tests in the Internet:

  • Test del livello dell'italiano (36 multiple-choice grammar questions of increasing difficulty, result available online immediately)
  • Test madre lingua italiano (40 multiple-choice grammar questions with level of difficulty, final result and the solutions to the exercises are given immediately)
  • 15-minute placement test (The test has been designed by test developers at the test provider telc, takes approx. 15 minutes and tests reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar. Each question has a countdown feature, i.e. when the time is up, you have to move on to the next question).

Person to contact for advice

Antonella Lavagno




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