Reward for motivation

University of Bremen: reward for motivation

We encourage students to continue their language studies over several semesters - with discounts of up to 50% 

Students at Bremen University who take a follow-on course in the same language are entitled to a discount:
- The first 2 SWS of a language course cost €80.
- The discounted price starts with the 3rd SWS (in the same language) - 10% discount for the 3rd and 4th SWS.
- Students who go on to register for a 5th and 6th SWS pay 20% less.
- From the 7th SWS onwards the discount is 40 %
- From the 9th SWS the reduction is a massive 50%!

Example 1:
You have already taken 3 Swedish courses each amounting to 2 SWS. The 4th course then costs €48 instead of €80. The table below shows you the discounted prices:

Courses taken

Student price


You pay

1st course, 2 SWS


0 %


2nd course, 2 SWS


10 %


3rd course, 2 SWS


20 %


4th course, 2 SWS


40 %


5th course, 2 SWS


50 %


Example 2:
In the case of a language course with 4 SWS, e. g. Spanish or French, the first course costs €152,00 (=80+72), the 2nd course €112,00 (=64+48) and the 3rd course €80,00 (from the 9th SWS upwards, the discount is 50%).

Only courses for which students have to pay are taken into account when working out how many SWS have already been taken (i.e. curricular courses which are free for students on the degree course do not count).

Note: when you book a course, the full price of the course will appear initially. The booking confirmation which appears on the screen and the confirmation email you receive will show the discounted price you have to pay.

Persons to contact

Further infomation can be obtained in the FZHB from Ms. Jaene or Mr. Hachmann.