Special rules for students at Bremen University & HfK

Special rules for students at Bremen University and the Hochschule für Künste

The Appendix to the General Provisions on Language Course Fees for the University of Bremen and the Hochschule für Künste in respect of language course fees (available in German only) contain the following special provisions.

Courses which are a mandatory part of the degree course

Language courses which are a mandatory part of a degree course are free of charge.

The university courses currently falling into this category are: 

  • some Spanish and Portuguese courses in Faculty 10 
  • some Polish courses in Faculty 8 
  • Courses offered by the FZHB for Arabic, Chinese, Modern Hebrew, Hindi, Latin and Turkish for students of Religious Studies in Faculty 9 
  • English courses for specific purposes forming part of the state examination regulations for lawyers
  • English and Dutch courses for specific purposes at the Hanse Law School in Faculty 6
  • English for specific purposes for Information Systems and Management, Geology and Chemistry

At the Hochschule für Künste this regulation currently applies to

  • Italian for singers in the Faculty of Music

Further information is available from the respective course administration! 

Course fees for Incomings and Outgoings

The University of Bremen will pay for a certain number of SWS for students falling into one of the categories below: 

  •  You have applied for an Erasmus grant or another grant to study abroad and can provide documentary proof that you have received a definite offer for it: you are entitled to up to 4SWS in the target  language, and 2 SWS in the tutoring programme. 
    apply for:
    • English as the target language: the costs will only be paid when the language courses/ tutoring programme are concluded with a test at C1 level (Unicert III),
    • genetically unrelated languages (e. g. Arabic, Chinese) and Polish and Russian: the costs for  language courses amounting to 6 SWS and 2 independent study components each of 1 SWS will be waived.
  • The same applies to students planning to study or do a mandatory internship abroad who can provide documentary proof that they have been accepted for a period of study or an internship abroad.
  • If you come from a country other than Germany and are studying at Bremen University/ Hochschule für Künste under a university agreement or a university programme or you are taking an international degree course: Bremen University/ Hochschule für Künste will waive the course fees for 4 SWS German classes and 2 SWS in the tutoring programme
  • If you come from a country where English is not taught at school or you gained your university entrance qualification via second-chance education and your level of English is below B1 on the CEFR: the University will then pay for 8 SWS English for you.

Difficult social circumstances

if you are in difficult social circumstances, the course fee can be waived

Costs paid by the faculty

Students do not have to pay anything when their degree course or faculty pays for the course. 

Special regulation for students at Bremen University only

For students who would like to improve their skills in their first language (Turkish, Polish, Russian), or German as a second language and English for Specific Purposes, we offer free courses (for specific purposes and with entry level from B2 upwards) with 2 x 2 SWS or 1 x 4 SWS.

Person to contact

Further infomation is available in the FZHB from Ms. Jaene, Ms. Jahnke or Mr. Hachmann.