UNIcert® III

UNIcert® III

The universities and Hochschulen in Bremen and Bremerhaven accept UNIcert® III as a C1 qualification.

Furthermore, most academic institutions in Germany accept UNIcert®. An overview of these institutions is available on the UNIcert® website.

Courses for UNIcert® III - new rules and the UNIcert® III test

If you are interested in obtaining UNIcert® III, you first have to take one of the foundation modules, which are offered for general academic English and also for a number of specific disciplines. You then have to do two courses in an advanced module in one of the three specific disciplines that we offer.
When you have successfully completed all the required courses, you are then eligible to take the separate UNIcert® III test in the specific discipline you have chosen.

Components of the UNIcert® III test:
Written exam: 180 minutes (listening, reading and writing)
Oral exam: 20 minutes

The tests are offered on a regular basis once a semester.

Special exemption for direct entry to the advanced module
If you achieved level C1.1 in the C-test, you need only successfully complete both parts of the advanced module to be eligible to take the UNIcert® III test.

Course overview and registration
Courses for UNIcert®

Register for the UNIcert III test

Click here to register for the UNIcert®III test for:

social and political sciences
natural sciences and engineering
business studies and economics
advanced academic English

and select the correct exam from the list given at English C1.


Written test: duration 180 minutes
Listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing questions

Oral examination: duration 20 minutes
The oral examination is based on an original text provided to the candidate 30 minutes before the start of the examination (reading or listening text)