UNIcert® II

UNIcert® II

The university and universities of applied sciences in Bremen and Bremerhaven accept UNIcert® II as a B2 qualification.

Furthermore, most academic institutions in Germany accept UNIcert®. An overview of these institutions is available here.

Courses for UNIcert® II

We offer a number of differerent options for UNIcert® II – specialist academic English or general academic English. You must successfully complete the courses for one option; it is not possible to combine courses from different options.

 UNIcert® II for general academic English

  • English for Academic Purposes I (B 2.1)
  • English for Academic Purposes II (B 2.2)
  • English for Academic Purposes III (B 2.2)-obligatory

If the placement test shows you are already at level B 2.1, you are not required to take the course "English for Academic Purposes B 2.1". You are however required to take the course "English for Academic Purposes III" in order to achieve UNIcert® II, and have to pass all the parts of the exam.

UNIcert® II for Technical English

  • Technical English I (B 2.2) 
  • Technical English II (B 2.2+) - obligatory

Course overview and registration

Courses for UNIcert®

Issue of the certificate

When you have successfully completed all the necessary courses for UNIcert® II, please apply for your certificate here.

It will take 1-2 weeks for the certificate to be issued. You will receive an Email when your certificate is ready.

Certificate fee: €5