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Cambridge ESOL test centre at the FZHB

The FZHB has offered the Cambridge English Language Assessment exams since 2013. The Cambridge certificates are accepted by virtually all universities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA and the Commonwealth as proof that a student meets the English language entry requirement to be accepted for a course of study. And it is naturally accepted by all universities and Hochschulen in Bremen and Bremerhaven and by almost all academic institutions in Germany. We offer exams for general and professional English.

The Cambridge exams test the four language competences writing, reading, listening and speaking. They are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference developed by the Council of Europe and thus ensure the international comparability of the certificates.

More than three and a half million people in more than 130 countries take Cambridge exams each year and they are accepted by around 15,000 institutions, universities and companies all over the world. Cambridge certificates are valid indefinitely.

You can take the following Cambridge exams at the FZHB:

  • First Certificate in English (FCE) (level B2) - only paper based
  • Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) (level C1) - only paper based

Examination dates 2017






Wed., 28.02.2018

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) - paper based


here from 06.12.2017 till 12.01.2018

despatch from 11.05.2018

Fri., 16.03.2018

First Certificate in English (FCE) - paper based


here from 08.01.2018 till 01.02.2018

despatch from 09.05.2018

Tue., 12.06.2018

First Certificate in English (FCE) - paper based


here from 15.03.2018 till 04.05.2018

despatch from 31.07.2018

Wed., 25.07.2018

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) - paper based


here from 20.04.2018 till 08.06.2018

despatch from 03.10.2018

Fri., 24.08.2018

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) - paper based


here from 21.05.2018 till 09.07.2018

despatch from 02.11.2018

Wed., 05.12.2018

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) - paper based


here from 24.08.2018 till 19.10.2018

despatch from 15.02.2019

*Please read the information about the availability of the results on the page "Further information about the Cambridge exams".

You can register for these exams online

Please click on the "here" link for the exam date you would like. This takes you to a registration form where you are required to enter your name. If you are a student at a university or Hochschule in Bremen or Bremerhaven please enter your student registration number and the institution where you are studying. Otherwise leave the field for the student registration number blank and select the Status "Gasthörer (externals)". Complete the form which appears when you click on the "Weiter/ continue" link (Email and address) and then click on "weiter" again. Finally, confirm your booking by clicking on "binding registration". You will then promptly receive a confirmation Email containing information abour your booking and how to pay. If you have not been asked for your eamil address, please send an email to immediately, giving your name and the test date you have registered for. Please pay special attention to the information about the deadlines for paying the exam fee on the page "Further information about the Cambridge exams".

Registration usually closes six to eight weeks before the date of the exam. It may still be possible to register later than this in certain cases. This will incur an additional late entry fee of €39.00. If you have any questions after the registration deadline has passed, please send an Email to

Validity of Cambridge Certificates

A Cambridge Certificate has a life-long validity as it shows a specified level of skills demonstrated on a particular date. However,  language skills are known to diminish over time if not used and maintained. Therefore, individual institutions (such as universities, employers, professional organisations and government bodies) can choose how long to accept results for - usually over a period of 2 to 3 years. Please check with the respective institution whether they still accept your certificate.



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