How can I obtain a B2 or C1 qualification?

To prove that you have the B2 or C1 language competence required for your course of study, it is generally necessary to take an English test. In addition to the international certificates (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE), we also accept the university-specific foreign language certificate UNIcert.

When your 'Abitur' certificate expressly states that you achieved the level B2/C1, this is accepted as proof of B2 competence.

Also accepted as proof of B2 or C1 competence are all certificates listed here.

Are graded course certificates from successfully completed English courses/English modules accepted as a B2/C1 qualification?

We accept only the UNIcert II and III language education and certification programme with all the associated courses and tests.

The corresponding certificate is the proof of competence.

It is also possible to have a C1-level university course in "English for Academic Purposes" or "English for Specific Purposes" accepted as proof of B2 competence for matriculation purposes if you meet the following criteria:

  • the course involved 30 hours or more of teaching
  • the course assessment tested all 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
  • you successfully completed the course.

Are DAAD language certificates accepted as a B2/C1 qualification?

A DAAD language certificate is not accepted for matriculation purposes at either the University of Bremen or the universities of applied sciences (Hochschulen). 

How can I obtain proof of my English language competence for a DAAD scholarship?

It is not possible to have your school grades transferred onto a DAAD language certificate.

The grades you have obtained in courses taken at the FZHB can be transferred onto a DAAD language certificate.

It is also possible to take a DAAD test.

Which English tests can I take at the FZHB?

B1 test English (valid to study at the universities and Hochschulen in Bremen and Bremerhaven)

DAAD language certificate


UNIcert®II and UNIcert®III (university-specific language education and certification programme)

Are the B1, B2 and C1 certificates issued by the FZHB for matriculation purposes also accepted by other universities?

Please contact the admissions office of other universities directly to find out whether they will accept a certificate.

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