Mahaesvary Kayser / Anna Makarova (Fremdsprachenzentrum Bremen, Deutschland)

Do EAP textbooks meet the pedagogical challenges of providing teaching materials for diverse EAP classrooms?

General EAP university classrooms are the embodiment of diversity, consisting of students from a wide range of disciplines, different language backgrounds, and different proficiency levels. This diversity poses a unique pedagogical challenge to teachers with regard to choosing relevant and suitable instruction materials and methods. The availability of EAP textbooks in recent years targeted at various CEFR levels has helped to fulfil this pressing need for EAP teaching materials in German universities, especially for lower level learners. However, to what extent do these textbooks address teachers’ and learners’ needs in such diverse EAP environments?
Building on a preliminary survey targeted at EAP teachers, this presentation will present the results of the second phase of the online survey aimed at determining to what extent EAP textbooks meet both EAP teachers’ and EAP learners’ needs and expectations. The survey will particularly examine the relevance of the topics, skills and task types included in the textbooks to students' specific needs as well as the balance between the focus on content and language. A set of recommendations and guidelines will also be given on how to write discipline-specific (ESP) materials to complement those from the textbook.