Geoff Tranter (Sprachenzentrum TU Dortmund, Deutschland)

Designing a C2 Technical English Course for Mechanical Engineers

In the Winter Semester 2014-2015, the Languages Centre of the TU Dortmund offered for the first time ever a C1 - C2 course in Technical English for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineers. This was intended as an experiment to see whether there would be a demand for such a high-level vocationally-oriented course. The background to this project was the increasing number of successful mechanical engineering students in the B2 – C1 courses over the last two years.
This talk will describe the planning process, the background of the participating students (motivation, previous experience, expectations, etc.) the syllabus and the test format. In particular, details will be given of the “added-value” of a proficiency level beyond C1 and the content and methodology used to promote and augment the language proficiency and communicative competence of a group of non-linguists from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in order to fulfil the C2 descriptors of the CEFR. 
The session is not only intended to be a presentation, but also an opportunity to discuss the status and didactics of high-level courses at TU Language Centres.



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