Prof. Dr. Nina Popova / Liudmila Devel (Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia)

CLIL Interdisciplinary Projects in Technological and Cultural Spheres: Comparative Analysis

Due to the fact that St.Petersburg Polytechnic is aimed at the advancement of the university in world ratings, an objective was set to enhance English language learning. One of the ways of this goal realization is to develop new CLIL courses, in which mainstream curriculum content, e.g. computer engineering, is taught through the medium of the English language. The course is developed through the collaboration of foreign language and technical departments, and due to that the degree of its professional orientation is higher than that in ordinary foreign language course books.  The CLIL course is focused on two technical disciplines of the mainstream curriculum, and is aimed at preparing second-year students for specialized lectures in English in their third year. In view of these obvious interdisciplinary links between theory and practice, listening comprehension is the most significant aspect of the worked out course. A similar project is being developed in the Saint-Petersburg University of Culture and Arts, in which foreign language teachers are collaborating with their colleagues from choreography department in terms of text and multimedia resource selection for their students. Comparison of the two projects, both from the point of view of structuring, linguistic vs mainstream contents and peculiarities of their MOODLE versions can help to improve the described courses and make them more efficient in practice. Sharing experience is beneficial!

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