Dr. Maria Luisa Pérez Cavana / Chris Edwards (Open University, UK)

Improving language learning through the Language Learning Support Dimensions (LLSD)

The Language Learning Support Dimensions were created 2012 (C. Edwards / M.L. Perez Cavana, 2012, 2014) drawing from the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) and second language acquisition research, in particular the studies of the “Good language learner”.
A pilot study of the LLSD carried out this year clearly showed the potential of this tool for language learners and language teachers. However, the need for further development and refining of this tool was also evidenced.
Taking into account the feedback from the pilot, the following aspects of the LLSD have been developed:
- the graphical representation of each dimension in order to create a clear student profile;
- the definition and name of the dimensions;
- the self-assessment statements and reflection tools.
This paper will report on these revisions and will present the next steps including a medium scale study, in planning, to test the impact of using the LLSD with language students at the Open University (OU). We are interested in how the LLSD affects not only the language learning but the studying experience as a whole.

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