Jaclyn Wilson (Blanquerna. Universitat Ramon Llull, Spanien)

Working Plurilingually in the Additional Language Classroom The Intercultural Story Telling Blog

As the plurilingual paradigm gains force, voices are emerging in favour of using the L1 and translation in informed ways in additional language (AL) learning. The objectives of our study are, first, to contribute to this paradigm by developing a theoretical framework based on Translation for Other Learning Contexts [TOLC] (González Davies), the Optimal Position (Macaro), translanguaging (García), Multicompetence (Cook), the Interdependence Hypothesis (Cummins) and the Plurilingual Speaker/Monolingual Classroom phenomenon. We also aim to identify indicators that suggest best TOLC practices for ALL regarding grammar, vocabulary, the four language skills and plurilingual competence. Our last objective is to propose informed AL classroom practices linked to TOLC.

Thus, the translation-based syllabus we present is framed within the plurilingual paradigm and has been embedded ecologically in the subject syllabus. Specifically, our syllabus presents a Translation and ICT-based project called “The Intercultural Story Telling Blog,” that invites secondary school students to work collaboratively and plurilingually using all four language skills and new technologies. We also present classroom material designed to help students develop the strategies needed to face translation issues and move effectively between languages and cultures. Our hypothesis is that the opportunity to work in a plurilingual context will prove beneficial to students’ plurilingual competence and AL acquisition.

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