Prof. Dr. Eduardo España Palop (Universidad Católica de Valencia & San Vicente Mártir, Spanien)

Teaching Spanish to Multilingual Groups Taking Diversity into Consideration and Promoting Individualized Learning

The language centre of the Catholic University of Valencia hosts every semester around 100 Erasmus students who come from different countries in Europe. A fact that encourages the presence of groups of students with diverse cultures and languages in the Spanish classrooms. This diversity, thus, creates the need for a methodology to accommodate students’ different levels; a methodology which needs to be based on multiculturalism and multilingualism.
In this paper, I shall present the syllabus conducted in a class of Spanish as a foreign language (A1 level) in which group classes and autonomous learning have been combined. I shall attempt to demonstrate how the group classes have been built up taking the basis of the integration of the various students’ languages and cultures as a reference; in the same way, I shall also present a project work that students had to carry out as part of their autonomous work in the subject.
By employing this methodology, I have combined students’ individual learning with the intercultural exchange so that pupils can enjoy and get to know the European cultural variety at the same time that they are learning Spanish at their own pace.