Estelle Meima / Jeroen van Engen (University of Groningen, Niederlande)

MAGICC in Higher Education – case studies of the implementation of multilingual and multicultural academic communication competences at the University

Higher Education in Europe is becoming increasingly international, creating multilingual and multicultural learning environments. This has a direct effect on students’ academic communication competences not only during but also after their studies, when they enter the working world.

The EU life-long learning project, MAGICC (, started in 2011 and rounded off this fall, had as principal objective to integrate multilingual and multicultural academic communication competences as graduate learning outcomes at the BA and MA level. The MAGICC project deals with transnationally shared learning outcomes, aligned activities, assessment forms and criteria and competence level benchmarks at European level, building on the well-established reference levels of the CEFR and the INCA project for intercultural competences.

Our presentation will firstly show the approach of the project, the conceptual framework along with the transparency tools and then illustrate the implementation of MAGICC at the University of Groningen. The presentation will also demonstrate a case where MAGICC modules are put in to practice, not only at the Language Centre but also on faculty level and departmental level within the University of Groningen.

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