Dr. Natalia Fritsler (Deutschland)

Cultural Diversity in Higher Education

The doors of European universities are open to foreign students. Their number is growing every year. A mixed cultural group is nowadays an important factor – and also a challenge -of processes going on in the higher education community.
Foreign students studying in European Universities, while absorbing the new cultural ways, lean, in the first place, on their home values and attitudes. Therefore their own cultural background is a matter of great interest for all those involved in working with these new audiences, University professors, lecturers and teachers being the first to be mentioned. What is really important for foreign students? Which factors may determine success in their learning progress?
In this presentation an attempt will be made to answer some of these questions. The research findings of the three-year study will be presented which the author carried out from 2012 to 2014 in 7 universities in 4 countries (Germany, Austria, Russia and partly South African Republic). In total about 50 cultures are represented in the research.
The study focused on such issues as the role of University in the student’s life, teacher – student relationships, attitudes to certain classroom activities and assessments, as well as  some other questions.

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