Call for Papers

Call for papers


Curriculum development, assessment of linguistic achievement, materials development, educational standards – for more than 15 years, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has been considered an established framework which provides orientation and ideas for the various contexts in which learning and teaching foreign languages takes place.

On a practical level, limitations to the applicability of the CEFR have also become apparent, and there are certain aspects which the present scales and theoretical descriptions of the CEFR do not (sufficiently) take into account as yet, such as the specific features of language teaching at universities. These limitations and gaps must be discussed on both the practical level and also in relation to its theoretical foundations in order for there to be constructive further development.

The 6th Bremen Symposium would like to offer a platform to present possible approaches for solving the problem of how to deal with the limitations and gaps of the CEFR. Contributions could focus on task-based language learning, dealing with heterogeneity, plurilingualism, interculturality or learner autonomy, for example. Empirical, practical or theoretical approaches can also be presented and discussed.

We therefore invite you to present your work in the form of talks, work-in progress presentations, workshops or poster presentations which take a critical look at the achievements, challenges and limitations of the CEFR in relation to the topic areas listed below. The research should relate clearly to language teaching at universities.

Intended Sessions

  • Session 1: Considerations on the theoretical foundations of the CEFR
  • Session 2: CEFR in curriculum development
  • Session 3: CEFR usage in testing and examining 
  • Session 4: Materials development and CEFR
  • Session 5: CEFR and plurilingualism
  • Session 6: CEFR in language and literature studies
  • Session 7: “Extra-linguistic” aspects and CEFR: interculturality, mediation, strategies…

Possible forms of presentation

  • Talk in one of the seven sections (25 min talk + 10 min discussion)
  • Workshop (90 min)
  • Poster presentation

Submission of abstracts

The deadline for submitting abstracts has now passed.


Prof. Dr. Claudia Harsch

Fremdsprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen
Universität Bremen
Universitäts-Boulevard 13
28359 Bremen