Lernziele/Kompetenzen (Learning Outcome)

Reading: I can understand long and complex factual texts, articles and technical instructions containing specialised language, and extract information and ideas from highly specialised texts in my own field.

Speaking: I can argue convincingly, respond to questions and comments, understand and exchange complex information and advice on a wide range of matters related to my field.

Listening: I can keep up with debates on complex topics in my specialist field and can understand complex technical information.

Writing: I can write clear, well-structured texts and highlight the most important points and can clearly and concisely describe a product or service within my field.



  • journal articles
  • reports
  • technical instructions


  • departmental meetings
  • seminars
  • discussions on own and related fields of research


  • lectures, seminars
  • technical meetings and discussions
  • operating instructions, specifications


  • describe a product or service within my field
  • discuss issues related to my field of study
  • research funding application
  • CV/ Resume


  • specialised terms and idiomatic expressions in field of study


  • writing and speaking with a high degree of grammatical correctness

Specific student requests can also be dealt with during the course.


Eine Übersicht über die sprachlichen Kompetenzniveaus finden Sie hier.