Placement tests

C-Test information

The C-Test contains 4 different, separate texts each with approx. 25 gaps which you have to complete. The first and last sentences in each text are complete sentences.

In the remainder of the text, approx. half of each second word is missing. If the word has an even number of letters, half the letters are missing; if the word has an odd number of letters, the same number of letters or one more letter are missing


  • If there are 2 letters before the gap, then 2 or 3 letters are missing: 
    go____ ->  goal  ODER goals
  • If there are 3 letters before the gap, then 3 or 4 letters are missing: 
    tea______ -> teacher (note: "teachers" would be wrong - 3+5; in this case, teac_____ would be given)
  • Apostrophes and hyphens (-) each count as one letter

The test takes 25 minutes at maximum.

Practice test: you can practise the C-Test, but it is not suitable for an actual placement test. You can take the C-Test at one of our independent learning centres for languages.

Advisory service

Advice can be obtained from the English advisory team.