Language certificates at Bremen University

The following are accepted as proof of language competence:

Aptitude test for Romance Studies

Faculty 10 at Bremen University does not offer B1 language tests. Language competence at B1 level can be demonstrated by means of suitable proof based on school courses (see the information below), the DELF/DALF language diploma or the language test offered by the Institut français.

Special language certificates

This test is offered for those who are not taking Romance studies and for prospective students of the French studies degree course. The test fee is EUR 40.
Competence level required: depends on the course of study (A2 or B1) 
Exam dates: Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 14:30 h and Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 14:30 h,

  • written part: text comprehension, text composition, grammar questions (90 min.)
  • oral part: discussion on general topics and motivation for studying (15 min.)

Registration: per email:

Information: Tel. 0421 339 44 14;
Test centre: Institut français, Contrescarpe 19, 28203 Bremen
Registration deadline: up to 1 week before the exam date by sending an email to the email address above.
Results announced and certificates: around 1 week after the exam date. The certificates can be collected in person or sent by post.


If you did your Abitur in year 12 (G8)

Language level Years studied at school

A1 At least 1 year

A2 At least 3 years

B1 At least 6 years

continued until year 11

If you did your Abitur in year 13 (G9)

Language level Years studied at school

A 1 At least 1 year

A 2 At least 3 years

B 1 At least 7 years

continued until year 12

Unless your Abitur certificate expressly states the language level you have achieved, it is not possible to demonstrate foreign language competence of level B2 or higher as per the European Framework of Reference for Languages by virtue of the length of time you have studied the language in school. Validity of language certificates: as stated on the particular document/ certificate.

Language diplomas DELF / DALF: Diplôme d’Etudes / Approfondi en Langue Française

The DELF / DALF language diplomas are available at all levels of the European Framework of Reference:

  • DELF A1
  • DELF A2
  • DELF B1
  • DELF B2
  • DALF C1
  • DALF C2

Information on how to register:; Tel. 0421 339 44 17
Exam dates in Bremen: January and July at the Institut français, Contrescarpe 19, 28203 Bremen
Fee: approx. EUR 25 to EUR 110, depending on the level
Results announced: around 3 months after the exam
More information on the content of the different levels is available at
Preliminary information on DELF / DALF can be found here.