German C1

The stated learning learning outcome applies to the entire Level C1. The contents are given according to the special orientation of the courses.

Learning Outcome

  • Reading: The learner is able to capture complex information of a general scientific text, to read detailed reports and to analyze reports in which contexts, opinions and points of view are discussed.
  • Listening: The learner can understand lectures, talks and reports in context of his studies. He also can follow extended speech and conversations, even if they are not clearly structured or when relationships are not expressed explicitly.
  • Speaking: The learner can give clear, detailed descriptions to many general scientific topics of his fields of interest. He can explain a point of view on a topical issue. He can fluently, accurately and effectively talk about a wide range of topics in a scientific way.
  • Writing: The Learner can demonstrate a complex topic clear and well-structured, while presenting different points of view, highlighting main ideas and illustrating arguments by detailed examples. His vocabulary and style vary depending on the type of text and topic.

Content: texts, structures, writing practice

  • Current topics from different areas
  • Reading/Listening: In this course, you are mostly concerned with different texts from the fields of journalism, science, literature and culture, while training your global and selective reading comprehension. The improvement of listening comprehensionis of central importance in this course . You practice specifically the application of difficult linguistic structures (e.g. genitive, passive circumlocutions, indirect speech, participle).
  • Speaking: You improve your oral communication skills by actively participating in course discussions and debates: You tell, report and comment on them and train the relevant  contextual speech means.
  • Writing(text types): Summary, opinion, report