German B1.1

Learning Outcome

  • Visual reception (reading): Has a sufficient vocabulary to understand texts on subjects of everyday life. Can understand texts describing events.
  • Aural reception: Can understand the gist of a text when it is clearly expressed in standard language and describes familiar topics from areas such as work, school and hobbies.
  • Spoken interaction/reception: Can take part in clear everyday conversation that are familiar and of personal interest to her/him or on topics like family, hobbies, work, travelling etc..
  • Written reception: Can write a structured text on topics that are familiar to her/him or of personal interest.


  • Topics:
    • Nature
    • Sensory impressions
    • Cars, accidents, insurance
    • Living standards
    • Public festival /“Oktoberfest”
    • Customs and traditions
    • Statistical information
    • Medical centres
    • Work on a farm/work conditions
    • Tourism
    • Foreign people/minorities
    • Old age
    • Sports
    • Astrology
  • Types of written texts: Instruction, personal biography, comparison, assumption, description, literary text, story, film script
  • Spoken activities: Argumentation, describing personal matters and nature phenomena, giving instructions, expressing personal opinion, interview, story telling, role play