German A2.2

Learning Outcome

  • Visual reception (reading): Understands the gist of clear, simple texts related to personal areas and needs of everyday life.
  • Aural reception: In standard language can understand simple sentences, common structures and words from important everyday situations (e.g. basic personal and family information, shopping, local area and employment).  Can understand the most important information of brief, clear and simple statements and announcements.
  • Spoken interaction/reception: Can communicate on familiar topics and express herself/himself using simple terms, expressions and sentences on daily aspects of her/his environment (e.g. people, places, a job or study experience).
  • Written reception: Can write simple messages and personal letters related to familiar subjects and personal interests using a limited repertoire of words and structures.


  • Topics:
    • Congratulations
    • Wishes/forms of politeness
    • Sports
    • At the doctor’s/getting advice
    • At the bank
    • dates/appointments/personal activities
    • Travel guides
    • Inventions/inventors
    • Personal biographies/ events in the past
    • Job application
    • Educational careers
    • Work areas/training
    • Business communication
    • A company profile
    • Computer
  • Types of written texts: Description of pictures/landescape, newspaper article, report on a past event, personal letter, letter of application, song
  • Spoken activities: enquiry, reporting/ speaking on personal matters (in the past), job interview,  arranging appointments, getting information, expressing politeness, small talk