German A2.1

Learning Outcome

  • Visual reception (reading): Can read very short, simple texts. Can understand concrete, most probable information in texts related to every day situations(e.g. advertisements, brochures, menus or time schedules).
  • Aural reception: Can understand single sentences and most frequent words (e.g. very simple information on specific persons, family, going shopping)
  • Spoken interaction/reception: Can interact in simple, often recurring situations in the context of simple, direct exchange of information, familiar topics and activities.
  • Written interaction/production: Can write brief, simple notes and statements.


  • Topics:
    • Hotel (/room reservation)
    • Travel reports
    • Personal Activities during a day / at the weekend
    • Weather
    • Dates and times of the year
    • City life versus living in the country
    • Life styles/ Furnishings
    • Clothing and colours
    • Going shopping
    • Public transport
    • Fields of Work
    • Nationalities and Foreign Languages
    • Organizing a party
    • A German celebration: carneval
  • Types of written texts: Description of individuals /activities, newspaper news, article of an encyclopedia, advertisement of a flat, interview, information resource, literary text, poem, song
  • Spoken activities: expressing personal opinion, comparing opinions, presenting arguments, describing people, places and activities, making a hotel reservation, interview